Pitchshine Limited is a Company established in Cyprus, with great knowledge and experience in the field of construction materials. It is a specialized company, with activities in the production of building materials, particularly in cement and its derivatives. Through different departments, it specializes in the production of other construction materials, including all kinds of aggregates, and as well in the trading and transportation (shipping) of different types of cement in bulk and bags.

Throughout the years, the company apart from its activities in the production of building materials, created the Consulting and Management Department that undertakes the Design, Μanagement and Operation of Cement Plants, Grinding Plants, R.M. Concrete Plants and Quarries. Also, through another Department, it operates Cement floating and Shore distribution terminals, including Ship chartering for the haulage of the materials.

In addition, the Company became active, through its exclusive association with CUBUS HELLAS LTD (www.cubushellas.gr), a Civil Engineering International Consultant and AUSTROPLAN ENGINEERING GMBH (www.austroplan.at), an Austrian Engineering International firm, and got involved in the consulting for the construction of other Projects such as Workshop Buildings, medical engineering and Logistic Centers.

At the same time during the last 6 years, the company was activated in the Design of Renewable Energy Projects, such as Photovoltaic Stations and Wind Parks and also in the design and supervision of construction of small and medium size Power Plants.

For over, in the last 8 years the Company has extended its field of activities in the Petrochemical sector with Projects in the Middle East and India.

It is also worth noting that, through a separate division, it became active in undertaking the maintenance and repairs of heavy machines, equipment and trucks.
During the last 20 years the Company has undertaken and executed, on behalf of the owners, various works in the above mentioned fields, in different countries, such as: Russia, Moldova, France, Portugal, Albania, Libya, Algeria, Angola, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Belarus, India, Nigeria and Iraq.

Also, Pitchshine and its affiliates, during the same period of time, has been operating Quarries, and R.M. Concrete Plants in the Greek islands of Chios and Lesvos, other Quarries and Ready-Mix Concrete Plants in Athens Greece and Cement shore and floating terminals in the Mediterranean Area (Algeria-Egypt).